Morbid Tales

 MORI   (Eros, 2004)

™ and © 2004 Raulo

Morbid is just one way to describe these tales. Brutal, grim, profane, and unrelenting also come to mind. Written and drawn in black and white by Raúlo Cáceres, this book contains five stories which all have in common the grotesque coition of human with monstrous beast.

Cáceres pairs a tense, detailed line quality with a prose style that’s uncommonly poetic for this variety of horror porn. A harpy narrates the first story. She doesn’t merely shred her victim after copulating with him, but rather, in her words, “when my altar overflows with potent offerings, I engrave my orgasm on his face.” Also included in this volume are: a wordy two–part tale of satanic possession as a parable of forbidden desire, the wistful union of woman and yeti to promote biodiversity, a Twilight Zone–esque ghost story about a man who picks up an ethereal hitchhiker, and Laura, a girl who should think twice before running with the bulls.

Eros Comix must have published Morbid Tales in large format to make sure readers couldn't miss anything in the multiple depictions of anal penetration, sexual suffering, and copious, spraying ejaculate. Some will find this right up their alley, while others will doubtless repair to a hot bath after reading it.

— Leland Burrill

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