Whisper (Vol. 1)

    (Capital, 1983-1984)

Alexis Devin is an American woman raised by her Japanese stepfather, who trained her in Aikido and Ninjitsu. Many years later, they would have a reunion in Japan, but their joy would be interrupted by the intrusion of Yakuza—the Japanese mob. In order to surprise their attackers, Alexis masks her face, and sets out to rescue her stepfather. But in doing so, she learns that he was a member of the mob, and was the person responsible for her natural father’s death. Torn by this new revelation, she flees Japan.

Soon thereafter, Alexis’ stepfather was ordered to slay the costumed Ninja the mob calls Whisper. Little does he dream that Whisper is actually his own stepdaughter, Alexis!

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 Origin of WhisperSteven GrantRichard Larson


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 Indicia says March 1983Steven GrantRichard Larson