SALA   (Harris, 1997)

™ and © 1997, Harris Productions

It strikes from outer space, an alien entity known as Kjell Sinn that chooses the first creature it encounters as the template for its existence. Landing in a remote swamp, a series of events and encounters with a frog, and then a salamander, sets that template as….the Salamandroid. This hulking alien creature, possessed of great power, needs only purpose. It gains that when it comes upon an innocent young girl whose father has just been murdered by gangsters. Now the Salamandroid has purpose to go with its unearthly abilities. It also has responsibility, and a thirst for revenge.

This series introduces a character that also happens to be the twin of Cyberfrog, another Harris Comics character.

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Ashcan #1

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 Ethan Van SciverEthan Van Sciver