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In Internet Explorer, click on the desired size, then right-click on the picture and choose “Set as Background”

ComicBase 17

ComicBase 17 cover by Glen Orbik

ComicBase 16

ComicBase 16 cover by Glen Orbik

ComicBase 15

ComicBase 15 cover by Glen Orbik

ComicBase 14

ComicBase 14 cover by Glen Orbik

ComicBase 12/Atlas

ComicBase 12/Atlas cover by Glen Orbik

Atomic Avenue

Atomic Avenue/300 Cover by Mark Castaneda

ComicBase 11

ComicBase 11 cover by Glen Orbik

ComicBase 10

ComicBase 10 cover by Glen Orbik

ComicBase 9

ComicBase 9 cover by Glen Orbik

ComicBase 8

ComicBase 8 cover by Glen Orbik

ComicBase 7

ComicBase 7 cover by Glen Orbik

ComicBase 6

ComicBase 6 cover by Glen Orbik

Cool Tools

Cool Tools

Comic Find (Mobile Tool) - New!

Our first mobile web tool! Bookmark this link on your internet-enabled mobile device. It lets you type in a UPC, ISBN, or title name/issue to quickly lookup all the relevant information on that issue, as well as its current guide price -- or find out who’s got it for sale on Atomic Avenue, and for how much!


SwapKeys (418 KB)

A great little utility from Insight Software which is useful for easily typing in foreign characters. And for good measure, here’s the key layout file we use here at Human Computing (put it in your SwapKeys folder under Program Files after installing SwapKeys). It gives the key combinations show in this chart.



Custom Banner Generator

Collection Hole-Finder by Adam Sternberg (332 KB)

A tool for finding gaps in your collection that you want to fill. Complete source, instructions, and program in the zip file.

Atomic Avenue Label Printing Tools

Automatically prints custom shipping labels when orders come in

ComicBase Cover Gallery Screen Saver

Displays a constantly updating picture show from your ComicBase Pictures Folder. Requires ComicBase. Just install it, then choose “ComicBase Cover Gallery” as your screen saver under Start -> Settings -> Control Panels -> Display

Got one of your own tools to contribute? Send it to us at