First appearances of characters whose name contains “Alf”"

1Alf1st Appearance of Alf
16Batman1st Appearance of Alfred; Origin of Alfred
11Cave Girl1st appearance of Cave Girl (Carol Manderson); 1st appearance of Carol Manderson; 1st appearance of Alfred Manderson; 1st appearance of Betty Manderson; Death of Alfred Manderson; Death of Betty Manderson; Origin of Cave Girl (Carol Manderson); 1st issue; Aka A-1 Comics #82; Published as part of A-1 Comics; Published by Magazine Enterprises; ca. 1954
64Detective Comics1st appearance/origin of the Boy Commandos; 1st appearance of the Boy Commandos; 1st Appearance of Rip Carter (Boy Commandos); 1st Appearance of Andre Chavard (Boy Commandos); 1st Appearance of Alfie Twidgett (Boy Commandos); 1st Appearance of Jan Haasen (Boy Commandos); 1st Appearance of Dan Turpin (Boy Commandos); Origin of the Boy Commandos