Mystery titles:

TitleYears Published
20th Century Boys (Naoki Urasawa’s…)2009-2012
2000 A.D.1977-Present
20th Century Boys: The Perfect Edition2018
Absent Captain2015-2016
Accidental Death, An1993
Acid Bath Case, The1992
Acolyte, The1993
Adele & the Beast1990
Adventure Into Mystery1956-1957
Adventure of the Copper Beeches, The1992
Adventure of the Naval Treaty, The1992
Adventure of the Peerless Peer, The1974, 1976
Adventures into the Unknown1948-1967
Adventures into the Unknown (A+)1990-1991
Adventures of Cordella Swift, The2016
After The Fire2010
Agency, The2001-2002
Agnes Quill2006
Agony Acres1995-1997
Alarming Tales1957-1958
All Detective2000
All Hallow’s Eve1991
All-Thrill Comics1998
All True Detective Cases1952-1954
Almanacco del Giallo1993
Almanacco Del Mistero1987-2014
Alpha Illustrated1994
Amanda and Gunn1997
Amazing Adventures of Ace International, The1993
Amazon, The (COMICO)1989
American Library1943-1944
Amnesia Labyrinth2011
Amy Devlin Mysteries2010-2014
Angel and the Ape (Mini-Series)1991
Angel City2016-2017
Angel Falling2013
Animal Control Special Creatures Unit2010
Apache Dick1990
Apple, P.I.1996
Archer Coe2014
Archie’s Mysteries2002-2004
Archie’s Weird Mysteries2000-2002
Area 512014
Army and Navy Comics1941-1942
Astounding Stories1966-1989
Attualita‘ Nera1978-1987
Avatar (SAF)2004
Avenger, The (Street & Smith)1939-1942
Avenger, The: The Justice Inc. Files2011
Awakening, The1997–1998
Aztec Madness2004
Backstage At The Strips By Mort Walker1975
Bad Machinery2013-2019
Baker Street1989-1990
Baker Street Four, The2016
Baker Street Peculiars2016
Baker Street Sketchbook1993
Ballad of Doctor Richardson, The1994
Ballad of Utopia, The1998-1999
Barney The Invisible Turtle1987
Bat, The (Mary Roberts Rinehart’s…)1992
Batman Begins: The Screenplay2005
Batman Day Batman: White Knight Special2018
Batman Eternal (Panini)2014-2015
Batman Unauthorized2008
Beach High1997
Beck & Caul Investigations1994-1995
Best of Dark Horse Presents, The1989
Best of Sherlock Holmes, The2011
Best of the Spirit, The2005
Beyond, The (Ace)1950-1955
Big Black Kiss1989
Big Book of Conspiracies, The1995
Big Book of The Unexplained, The1997
Big Town1951-1958
Bill the Bull: Blowtorch Kiss1994
Bill the Bull: Burnt Cain1992
Bill the Bull: One Shot, One Bourbon, One Beer1994
Billy Budd, KGB2016
Billy Nguyen, Private Eye1988
Billy Nguyen, Private Eye (Vol. 2)1990
Black Badge2018-2019
Black Bat, The2011
Black Bat Returns, The (Moonstone)2015
Black Coat, The: A Call to Arms2006
Black Diamond Detective Agency, The2007
Black Mask, The (Pro Distributors)1920
Blacksad 2: Arctic Nation2004
Blacksad: A Silent Hell2012
Blacksad: The Sketch Files2005
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