Religious titles:

TitleYears Published
100% Biodegradable2007
101 Questions About the Bible & Christianity2012
Action Adventures of John Jacobs and the Power Team, The1991
Action Bible, The2010
Adam and Eve1975
Adam och Eva1978
Adventures of Rabbi Harvey, The2006
Adventures of Yaakov & Isaac, The2004
Agony and Ecstasy2007
Alpha & Omega2001
Alpha and Omega (Fleming H. Revell)1978
American Jesus 
Anticipator, The1996
Archangels: The Fall2004-2005
Archie and Big Ethel1982
Archie’s Clean Slate1973
Archie’s Date Book1981
Archie’s Family Album1978
Archie’s Festival1980
Archie’s Love Scene1973
Archie’s One Way1973
Archie’s Parables1975
Archie’s Roller Coaster1981
Archie’s Sonshine1974
Archie’s World1976
Attack! (5th Series)1975
Balm in Gilead 
Barney Bear Home Plate2000
Barney Bear Home Plate (Spire)1979
Barney Bear Lost and Found1979
Barney Bear Out of the Woods1980
Barney Bear Sunday School Turtle1981
Barney Bear Wakes Up1977
Battleground Earth1997
Battle of Destiny2011
Beauty Queen2013
Behold the Handmaid1954
Best from Boys’ Life Comics, The1957-1958
Bible, The2004
Bible, The (DC)2012
Bible 2, The2012
Bible, La2010
Bible Tales for Young Folk1953
Big Book of Martyrs, The1997
Big Kahn, The2009
Billy Tucci: A Child Is Born2011
Book of Genesis Illustrated, The2009
Book of God, The: How We Got the Bible2012
Born Again1978
Boy’s Own Paper, The1879-1967
Brothers, The1979-1982
Brothers: The Fall of Lucifer2006
Buddha (Virgin)2008
Buddha on the Road1996-1998
Captain Israel Comics2011
Catholic Comics (Vol. 2)1946-1948
Cerebus: Church & State1991-1992
Chick Tracts 
Children’s Sunday Fairy1919
Chosen (Dark Horse) 2004-2005
Christian Comics & Games Magazine 
Christ the Lord: Road to Cana2012
Classic Bible Stories2010
Comic Book Character: Unleashing The Hero In Us All2004
Confrontation, The1997
Cross and the Switchblade, The1972
Crusaders, The (Chick)1974-1975
Daniel: Prophet of Dreams2006
Dante’s Inferno 
David’s Mighty Men2005
David: The Shepherd’s Song2005
Dennis the Menace and the Bible Kids1977
Emissary (Image)2006
Empire (O-Positive)1997
Eye Witness2006
Faith Series2010
Francis, Brother of the Universe1980
Girl (IPC)1981-1990
God Is Disappointed In You2013
God’s Heroes in America1956
God’s Smuggler1972
Golden Plates, The2004-2005
Good and Evil2006
Gospel According to Superman, The1973
Gospel Blimp, The1974
Guardian Line, The2006
Hansi, the Girl Who Loved the Swastika1976
Hello, I’m Johnny Cash1976
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