Romance titles:

TitleYears Published
5 Centimeters per Second 
7th Garden2016-2018
10 Dance2019
11th Cat2005
12 Reasons Why I Love Her2006
13th Boy2009
50 Rules for Teenagers2004
80 Page Giant Magazine1964-1965
100% Perfect Girl2007-2008
Abbie An’ Slats (Vol. 2)1983-1984
About Love2011
Absolute Boyfriend2006-2008
Absolute Monarch Syndrome2013
Actual Confessions1952
Actual Romances1949
Admit One2002
Adventures of Homer Cobb, The1947
After the Rain (Vertical)2018
Agonizing Love: The Golden Era of Romance Comics2011
A.I. Love You2004-2005
AI Ore!2011-2013
Ai-Ore! (Edizioni Star)2011
Aishiteruze Baby2006-2007
Ai Yori Aoshi2004-2007
Album of Love1949
Alice in the Country of Clover: Knight’s Knowledge2014
Alice in the Country of Diamonds: Bet on My Heart2014
Alice in the Country of Hearts: The Mad Hatter’s Late Night Tea Party2013
Alive (Gen)2014
All for Love (Vol. 1)1957-1958
All for Love (Vol. 2)1958-1959
All for Love (Vol. 3)1959-1960
All Love1949
All Picture All True Love Story1952
All Romances1949
All True Romance1955-1957
Almost Crying2006
Alone in my King’s Harem2005
Aluria Chronicles, The2006
Ambiguous Relationship2012
Android Karenina2010
Angel Love1986-1987
Angel Nest2003
Angel Sanctuary2004-2005
Anonymous Noise2017
Aquarion Evol2015
Archie Classics: Betty & Veronica Summer Fun2003
Archie’s Activity Comics Digest Magazine1985-1986
Archie: The Married Life2011-2014
Ares & Aphrodite2015
Art of Loving, The2006
As Many As There Are Stars2016
Astral Project2009
At the Time of Scattering Flowers2010
Author’s Pet2008
Avalon High: Coronation2007
Awkward (Yen)2015
Bacio a Mezzanatte, Un (Edizioni Star)2018-2019
Bacio a Mezzanotte, Un (Edizioni Star)2018-2019
Baci Rubati (Edizioni Star)2007-2008
Backstage At The Strips By Mort Walker1975
Backstagers Valentines Day Special2018
Bad Ideas2004, 2005
Bad Teacher’s Equation2011
Barbie (Egmont)2004
Baseball Heaven2010
Beast & Feast2012
Beasts & Priests2005
Beauty and the Beast 
Beauty and the Beast (Disney’s…)1994-1995
Beauty and the Beast (Innovation)1993
Beauty and The Beast (Marvel)1984-1985
Beauty and The Beast (Marvel, Canadian Edition)1984–1985
Beauty and the Beast: Portrait of Love1989
Best Love1949–1950
Best of Misty Monthly1986
Best Romance1952
Betty and Her Steady1950
Betty and Veronica (Vol. 3)2016-2017
Betty and Veronica (Vol. 4)2018-2019
Betty and Veronica in Bad Boy Trouble2007
Beyond My Touch2005
Bingo Love2018
Bird Kiss2006
Bizarre Romance2018
Black Bird2009
Black Bird (Edizioni Star)2010-2013
Black Is The Color2013
Black Knight (Blu) 
Black Paths2013
Black Winged Love2009
Bloom into You2017
Blue Angel2013
Blue Inferior2004
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