Romance titles:

TitleYears Published
100% Perfect Girl2007-2008
11th Cat2005
12 Reasons Why I Love Her2006
13th Boy2009
50 Rules for Teenagers2004
80 Page Giant Magazine1964-1965
Abbie An’ Slats (Vol. 2)1983-1984
About Love2011
Absolute Boyfriend2006-2008
Actual Confessions1952
Actual Romances1949
Adventures of Homer Cobb, The1947
Agonizing Love: The Golden Era of Romance Comics2011
A.I. Love You2004-2005
AI Ore!2011
Aishiteruze Baby2006
Ai Yori Aoshi2004-2007
Album of Love1949
Alice in the Country of Clover: Knight’s Knowledge2014
Alive (Gen)2014
All for Love (Vol. 1)1957-1958
All for Love (Vol. 2)1958-1959
All for Love (Vol. 3)1959-1960
All Love1949
All Picture All True Love Story1952
All Romances1949
All True Romance1955-1957
Almost Crying2006
Alone in my King’s Harem2005
Aluria Chronicles, The2006
Ambiguous Relationship2012
Android Karenina2010
Angel Love1986-1987
Angel Nest2003
Angel Sanctuary2004-2005
Archie Classics: Betty & Veronica Summer Fun2003
Archie’s Activity Comics Digest Magazine1985-1986
Archie: The Married Life2011-2014
Ares & Aphrodite2015
Art of Loving, The2006
As Many As There Are Stars2016
Astral Project2009
At the Time of Scattering Flowers2010
Author’s Pet2008
Avalon High: Coronation2007
Awkward (Yen)2015
Backstage At The Strips By Mort Walker1975
Bad Ideas2004, 2005
Bad Teacher’s Equation2011
Barbie (Egmont)2004
Baseball Heaven2010
Beast & Feast2012
Beasts & Priests2005
Beauty and the Beast 
Beauty and the Beast (Disney’s…)1994-1995
Beauty and the Beast (Innovation)1993
Beauty and The Beast (Marvel)1984-1985
Beauty and The Beast (Marvel, Canadian Edition)1984–1985
Beauty and the Beast: Portrait of Love1989
Best Love1949–1950
Best of Misty Monthly1986
Best Romance1952
Betty and Her Steady1950
Betty and Veronica (Vol. 3)2016-Present
Betty and Veronica in Bad Boy Trouble2007
Beyond My Touch2005
Bird Kiss2006
Black Bird2009
Black Is The Color2013
Black Knight (Blu) 
Black Paths2013
Black Winged Love2009
Bloom into You2017
Blue Angel2013
Blue Inferior2004
Blue Monday: Absolute Beginners2001
Blue Monday: Dead Man’s Party2002
Blue Monday: Nobody’s Fool2003
Blue Pills2007
Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love2012
Boy and A Girl, A2013
Boy Loves Girl1952-1956
Boy Meets Girl1950-1952
Boys Be2004-2006
Boys Love2009
Boys of Summer2006
Boys Over Flowers2003-2008
Boys Over Flowers: Jewelry Box2009
Brenda Starr: The Complete Pre-Code Comic Books2013
Bride’s Diary1955
Brides in Love1956-1965
Bride’s Romances1953-1956
Bride’s Secrets1955-1958
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