Sports titles:

TitleYears Published
Active Comics1942-1946
Adventures Of Orangeman & Orangewoman, The2012
Adventures of the Screamer Brothers1990-1991
Adventures of the Screamer Brothers (Vol. 2)1991
Air & Space2004
Air Gear2006-2015
All-Ages Sneak Peek2006
All-American Sports1967
All New Collectorsí Edition1977-1979
All Sports Comics1948-1949
All-Time Sports Comics1949
Amazing Willie Mays1954
Andre the Giant: Life & Legend2014
Angel Cup2006
Attacker You! (Edizioni Star)2015
Avant-Guards, The2019
Babe Ruth2009
Babe Ruth Sports Comics1949-1951
Baseball Classics 
Baseball Comics1991-1992
Baseball Comics (Personality) 
Baseball Comics (Will Eisner Productions)1949
Baseball Greats1992
Baseball Hall of Shame in 3-D1989
Baseball Heaven2010
Baseball Heroes1952
Baseball Legends1992-1993
Baseballís Greatest Heroes1991
Baseball Sluggers1992
Baseball Superstars Comics1991-1993
Baseball Thrills1951
Baseball Thrills 3-D 
Bat Men1998
Battle Smash Vs. Saucer Men From Venus2010
Beautiful Game, The2012
Best of Roy of the Rovers, The2008
Best of Roy of the Rovers Monthly1988-1990
Best Pitchers1992
Big Easy2014
Bill Sternís Sports Book1951-1952
Billy the Marlin1996
Blood Bowl: Killer Contract2008
Bo Jackson vs. Michael Jordan1992
Boxer, The: The True Story of Holocaust Survivor Harry Haft2014
Boys of Summer2006
Boyís Own Paper, The1879-1967
Brooks Robinson1991-1992
Bumper Book of Roy of the Rovers, The2009
Calling All Boys1946-1948
Cars: The Rookie2009
Champion Comics1939-1940
Champion Sports1973-1974
Charlton Sport Library: Professional Football1969
Chassis (Vol. 1)1996-1998
Chassis (Vol. 2)1998-1999
Chassis (Vol. 3)1999-2000
Chopper: Song of the Surfer 
Complete Harlem Heroes, The2010
Complex Age2016
Corrier Boy1976
Cross Game2010-2011
Crunch, The1979-1980
Diamond Girl2010
Dodge City2018
Donnybrook: Season 12018
Down, Set, Fight2013
Drag Comics (Pete MillarísÖ)1972, 1996
Drag íní Wheels1968-1973
Dragstrip Hotrodders1963-1967
Duke Snyder1992
Eddie Stanky Baseball Hero1951
Evel Knievel1974
Eyeshield 212005-2011
Eyeshield 21 (Panini Italy)2008
Fifth Force Featuring Hawk and Animal, The1999
Football Comic, The1953
Football Heroes1992
Football Picture Story Monthly1986-2003
Football Thrills1951-1952
F.O.R.C.E. (Action Lab)2017-2018
Frank Merriwell at Yale1955
Future Greatest Stars of the NBA, The: LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Carmelo Anthony2005
Gear Hero2018
Gil Thorp1963
Girl Got Game2004-2005
Godzilla vs. Barkley1993
Golden Adventures of Brett Hull, The1994
Golemís Mighty Swing, The2002
Gothic Sports2007
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