Super-Heroes titles:

TitleYears Published
100 Baddest Mother F****ers In Comics2012
100% DC2005-present
100 Girls2004-2005
100 Greatest Marvels of All Time, The2001
100% Marvel2003-Present
100% Marvel: Daredevil1999-present
100 Sexiest Women in Comics2011
100th Anniversary Special: Avengers2014
100th Anniversary Special: Fantastic Four2014
100th Anniversary Special: Guardians of the Galaxy2014
100th Anniversary Special: Spider-Man2014
100th Anniversary Special: X-Men2014
101 Ways to End the Clone Saga1997
10th Muse2000-2002
10th Muse, The (3rd Series)2009
10th Muse (Vol. 2)2002
10th Muse Crossovers2010
10th Muse/Demonslayer2002
10th Muse Gallery2001
10th Muse God War 
10th Muse Vs. Legend Of Isis2010
123’s for Superheroes2005
1602 Witch Hunter Angela2015
1939 Daily Bugle2009
2000 A.D.1977-Present
2000 A.D. Monthly (1st Series)1985
2000 A.D. Presents1986-1988
2000 A.D. Showcase (1st Series)1988-1990
2000 A.D. Showcase (2nd Series)1992-1993
2099 (Semic)1993-1996
2099 A.D.1995
2099 A.D. Apocalypse1995
2099 A.D. Genesis1996
2099: Manifest Destiny1998
2099 Sketchbook1993
2099 Special: The World of Doom1995
2099 Unlimited1993-1996
2099: World of Tomorrow1996-1997
2112 (John Byrne’s…)1991-1992, 1994
21 Demons2007
27: Second Set2011
2 Past Midnight2014
3-D Adventure Comics1986
3-D Batman1953, 1966
44 Years of Fantastic Four 
4-D Monkey, The1988
4 Fantásticos, Los1983-1994
4 Fantásticos, Los (2nd Series)1997
4 Fantásticos, Los (3rd Series)1998
4 Fantásticos, Los (4th Series)2001
4 Fantásticos, Los (5th Series)2003
4 Fantásticos, Los (Editorial Oepisa)1974-1978
4 Fantásticos, Los (Panini España, 1st Series)2006
4 Fantásticos, Los (Panini España, 2nd Series)2008
4 Fantásticos, Los: ¡Isla de la Muerte! Edición Boricua en Español2008
500 Comic Book Villains2004
500 Great Comic Book Action Heroes2002
52 (Panini)2007-2008
52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen2007–2008
52 Sonderband (Panini Deutschland)2007
52: The Companion2007
52: The Covers2007
52: The Novel2007
52/WW III Part Four: United We Stand2007
52/WW III Part One: A Call to Arms2007
52/WW III Part Three: Hell is For Heroes2007
52/WW III Part Two: The Valiant2007
5 Ronin2011
5 Til Midnight1997
6, The1996
6 Digest, The1996
75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking2010
80 Page Giant Magazine1964-1965
99, The2007-2008
99, The: First Light Preview2007
99, The: Origins2007
A-Babies Vs. X-Babies2012
ABC: A–Z, Greyshirt and Cobweb2006
ABC: A–Z, Terra Obscura and Splash Brannigan2006
ABC: A–Z, Tom Strong and Jack B. Quick2005
ABC: A–Z, Top 10 and Teams2006
ABC’s for Superheroes2005
ABC’s of Superpowers, The2004
Abe Sapien Drums of the Dead1998
Abe Sapien: The Haunted Boy2009
A. Bizarro1999
Absent Captain2013
Absolute Authority, The2002
Absolute Batman: Dark Victory2012
Absolute Batman: Haunted Knight2014
Absolute Batman: Hush2005
Absolute Batman Incorporated2014
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