War titles:

TitleYears Published
2 Sisters: A Super-Spy Graphic Novel2015
3-D Action1954
12 O’Clock High1965
20th Century in Cartoons, The: A History in Pictures2015
21st Century Boys (Naoki Urasawa’s…)2012
’68 (2nd Series)2011
’68: Hallowed Ground2013
’68: Hardship2011
’68: Homefront2014
’68 Jungle Jim2011
’68 Jungle Jim (2nd Series)2013
’68 Jungle Jim: Guts N Glory2015
’68: Scars2012
2000 A.D. Extreme Edition2004-2008
2000 A.D. Gold2003
Aaron and Ahmed2012
ABC Warriors: The Black Hole2002
Ace Malloy of the Special Squadron1951-1952
Aces High (E.C.)1955
Aces High (RCP)1999
Action Force Monthly (Marvel UK)1988-1989
Action War Picture Library1965
Activity, The2011-2013
Adventures in the Rifle Brigade2000, 2004
Adventures in the Rifle Brigade (Image)2016
Adventures in the Rifle Brigade: Operation Bollock2001
Aetheric Mechanics2008
Air Ace1944-1947
Air Ace Picture Library1960-1970
Airboy - 1942: Best of Enemies2009
Airboy: Dangerous Liaisons2013
Airboy: Deadeye2012
Airboy: G82012
Airboy Presents Airfighters2011
Airboy Presents Air Vixens2011
Air War Picture Stories1961-1962
Air War Stories1964-1966
Alamo: The Comic Book2004
Aleister & Adolf2016
Alex Toth Reader, The2005
Alien Legion (Vol. 1)1984-1987, 2005
Alien Legion (Vol. 2)1987-1990, 2002
Alien Legion: Binary Deep1993
Alien Legion: Jugger Grimrod1992
Alien Legion Omnibus2009
Alien Legion: One Planet at a Time1993
Alien Legion: On the Edge1990-1991
Alien Legion: Tenants of Hell1991
All-American Men of War1952-1966
All-New Comics1943-1947
All-Out War1979-1980
All Quiet on the Western Front2019
Alpha Shade2005
Al Williamson Reader, The2008
Amazing Comics (Avalon)2000
America at War1979
American Air Forces1944-1945
American Defenders: The Army2012
American Graphics1954, 1957
American Library1943-1944
Ant Colony2014
Anti-Hitler Comics 
Any Empire2011
Apocalypse Meow2004
Approved Comics1954
Armageddon Now2008
Armageddon Patrol2004
Armageddon Patrol: Cherries 
Army & Navy Fun Parade1942-1960
Army Attack1964-1967
Army at War1978
Army @ Love2007–2008
Army @ Love (Vol. 2)2008-2009
Army of Two2010
Army War Heroes1963-1970
Atlas and Axis2017
Atom-Age Combat (2nd series)1958-1959
Atomic War!1952-1953
Attack, The2016
Attack (2nd series)1953
Attack (3rd Series)1958, 1962-1967
Attack (4th Series)1966
Avengers (AAFES)2012–2013
Avengers & X-Men: Time Trouble2006
Aviation Cadets1943
Avventure di Buck Danny, Le 
Backstage At The Strips By Mort Walker1975
Bag of Marbles2013
Battle (IPC/Fleetway)1975-1988
Battle Action1952-1957
Battle Action (Horwitz)1954-1965
Battle Attack1954-1955
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