Western titles:

TitleYears Published
2 Bags of Silver2005
2-Gun Western1956
2 Pistolas Kid1971-1972
3 Devils2016
3-D Tales of the West1954
7 Deadly Sins, The2018
13 Chambers2008
100 Pages of Comics1937
A-1 Comics1944-1955
Absolute Vertigo1995
Adventures in 3-D1953-1954
Adventures of Dexter Breakfast, The2006
Adventures of Martial T. Holiday, The1995-1996
Águila Blanca1955-1968
Águila Solitaria1976
Alex Toth Goes Hollywood2009
Alex Toth Reader, The2005
All-American Western1948-1952
All-Star Western (1st Series)1951-1961
All-Star Western (2nd Series)1970-1972
All Star Western (3rd Series)2011-2014
All Western Winners1948-1949
Almanacco dell’Avventura1996-2011
Almanacco del West1994-present
Along the Canadian2004
Andy Devine Western1950-1951
Annie Oakley1948-1956
Annie Oakley and Tagg1955-1959
Apache Kid1950-1956
Apache Skies2002
Apache Trail1957-1958
Approved Comics1954
Arizona Kid1951-1952
ATF After The Fall2006
Atlas Unified2011-2012
Aurora Comic Scenes1974
Avventura Gigante1967
Bad Men of Tombstone1950
Ballad of Sleeping Beauty, The2004-2005
Ballad of Utopia, The1998-1999
Ballad of Utopia, The (Black Daze) 
Bat Lash1968-1969
Bat Lash (2nd Series)2008
Bat Lash (Arédit)1971-1972
Bat Masterson1960-1961
Bella & Bronco1984-1985
Belle Starr: Queen of Bandits2005
Bessy (1st Series)1965–1985
Bessy (2nd Series)1976-1980
Bessy Sammelband 
Best Cellars1995
Best from Boys’ Life Comics, The1957-1958
Best of the West1951-1954
Best of the West (AC)2000-2009
Best of the West Big B Western Special2006
Best of the West Roundup2005
Best Western1949
Big Book of the Weird Wild West, The1998
Big Bull1972-1986
Big Chief Wahoo1941-1944
Big Valley, The1966-1967
Bill Boyd Western1950-1952
Billy Buckskin1955-1956
Billy the Kid1957-1983
Billy the Kid Adventure Magazine1950-1955
Billy the Kid Adventure Magazine (WDL) 
Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities2005-2006
Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities and the Ghastly Fiend of London2010
Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities and the Orm of Loch Ness2012
Bisley’s Scrapbook1993
Black Diamond Western1949-1956
Black Fury1955-1966
Blackhawk Indian Tomahawk War, The1951
Black Jack Ketchum2015-2016
Black Mask, The (Pro Distributors)1920
Black Phantom1989-1990
Black Phantom (Magazine Enterprises)1954
Black Rider1950-1954
Black Rider Rides Again!, The1957
Blauen Panther, Die1980
Blaze Carson1948-1949
Blaze of Glory2000
Blazin’ Barrels2005–2007
Blazing Sixguns1952
Blazing Sixguns (I.W.)1958-1964
Blazing Six-Guns (Skywald)1971
Blazing West1948-1952
Blazing Western (AC)1989
Blazing Western (Avalon)1997
Blazing Western (Timor)1954
Blueberry (Aurea)2013
Blueberry (Dargaud)1965
Blueberry Saga, The : Confederate Gold1996
Bobby Benson’s B-Bar-B Riders1990
Bobby Benson’s B-Bar-B Riders (Magazine Enterprises)1950-1953
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