Sales Fees and Shipping Reimbursement

Listing your comics for sale on Atomic Avenue is free. There are also no monthly store fees or item listing charges. Atomic Avenue only collects a commission, based on the following table. The only fees you pay are on items sold, as per the table below, and they include all financial transaction fees/credit card charges.

Not only are Atomic Avenue’s total fees far lower than with traditional auction or consignment venues, but they also offer a significantly better return than typical internet stores and auction sites.


Atomic Avenue Sales Commissions

Effective December 14, 2021

Commission (Includes Credit Card Processing/PayPal Fees)

$0.50 + 15% of total sale price

To sell on Atomic Avenue, you must have a PayPal account registered with us so we can pay you. You can also check your PayPal account at any time to view your payment history.

The shipping fee is based on the estimated weight of the items you are shipping (e.g. you receive more for a hardcover archive than for a 32-page comic) and includes enough for the weight of the appropriate mailing materials and the cost of delivery confirmation.

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