Posting Your Comics for Sale

Selling your comics online has never been this easy! To do so, use ComicBase 11 or later (including ComicBase FREE), and mark all the comics you’re interested in selling as "For Sale." You will need to have inventoried your collection in ComicBase previously, since you must have at least one copy of a comic in order to post it for sale.

You can use the Mass Change command to mark all the comics you own for sale. You can also use the Mass Change command to mark all your duplicates for sale: to do so, set the Minimum Quantity field in the Mass Change command to 1.

To post the marked-for-sale comics on Atomic Avenue, you will use ComicBase’s Sell command underneath the Internet menu. The window that appears requires your Atomic Avenue User ID and Password.

You have the option of automatically repricing slow-selling comics. If you check this option, Atomic Avenue will automatically reduce the price of comics you have had for sale for more than a month by 5% of the original price, down to a minimum of 50% of the original price. You can adjust these figures anyway you wish, to change the degree and speed of the discount. This will affect all the comics you have for sale. If you want to apply a discount only to selected issues in your collection, you can change the Selling Price field for those issues within ComicBase and repost them with the Sell command.

If you are required to charge sales tax, whether only within your state, or on shipments to anywhere within the U.S. check the Collect Sales Tax box, and enter your tax rate in the tax rate box. Atomic Avenue will automatically calculate the sales tax on relevant orders.

You have the option of listing all your VF and NM comics as being in the condition "VF-NM." This option spares you from having to examine all your NM inventoried comics for miniscule defects which could irritate a particular buyer. To do this, simply click the List VF and NM comics as condition "VF-NM" box.

Check the Mark Issues when selling box to mark your sold comics in ComicBase so they’ll be easy to locate and pull for shipment.

Once you’ve set your options, simply click the Sell button and ComicBase will post all your comics for sale onto Atomic Avenue.

If you want to make any changes to your inventory, such as removing issues you’re sold, posting additional comics, or changing the condition of comics you have for sale, simply make the changes within ComicBase. Once you’ve done so, use the Sell command and click the Sell button in the Login window. This will update the information on all the comics you currently have for sale; it will not create duplicate listings. If you change the selling price for a comic in ComicBase, your new price will appear on Atomic Avenue.

Note that the Sell command is not issue specific. If you use it, it will post all your comics that you’ve marked for sale.

Your internet connection will have to be active while your comics are being posted to ComicBase. Allow up to ½ hour for any postings or changes to appear on Atomic Avenue.

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