Mad #367

E.C.     March, 1998

Buffy the Vampire Slayer parody; Starship Troopes parody

Starless Troopers; Buffy the Vampire Spayer

 The Usual Gang of Idiots, Dick DeBartolo, Barry Liebmann, Desmond Devlin, Mike Snider, Russ Cooper, Peter Kuper, Anthony Barbieri, Dave Berg, Sergio Aragonés, Andrew J. Schwartzberg, D. Edwing, John Caldwell, Al Jaffee, Michael Gallagher

 The Usual Gang of Idiots, Mort Drucker, Carol Lay, Rick Tulka, Bob Staake, Peter Kuper, Hermann Mejia, Bill Wray, Dave Berg, Sergio Aragonés, Paul Coker, Angelo Torres, D. Edwing, John Caldwell, Al Jaffee

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