Pep #22

Archie     December, 1941

Shield cover; Includes Shield G-Man Cluib coupon on inside front cover; 1st appearance of Betty Cooper; 1st appearance of Jughead Jones; 1st appearance of Archie Andrews

The Shield: Death of a Double; The Hangman: The Paths of 3 Murders, Part 2; Danny in Wonderland: Spumoni the Puppet Master; Sgt. Boyle: A Little Detour to France; Jolly Roger: The Breakup of the Sky Pirates; Introducing Archie; Kayo Ward: The Case of the Crummy King; Bentley of Scotland Yard: The Case of the Sea Serpent

 Harry Shorten, Joe Blair, Vic Bloom

 Irv Novick, Paul Reinman, Lin Streeter, Carl Hubbell, Ed Smalle, Bob Montana

No copies

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