Mad Color Classics #11

E.C.     April, 2005

Poster insert

What If Dilbert Had Different Jobs?; Spy Vs. Spy: The Lost Sunday Comic Strips; Whattabore (A MAD Movie Satire); A MAD Look at Handguns; The Lighter Side of Spring; MAD Diplomacy in Everday Life Situations; Entertainment Too Light Visits in Livid Color; The Cannibal Coffee-Shop Conundrum; Charity Drivers We’d Like to See; Warner Bros. Studio Stores Unofficial Catalogue; Rediscovered Covers: A Tribute to Frank Kelly Freas; MAD’s Guide to Who’s Who Outside The Today Show WIndow; Drawn Out Dramas

 The Usual Gang of Idiots, John Caldwell

 The Usual Gang of Idiots, Sergio Aragonés

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