Adventures of Superman #500 Collector’s Set

DC     June, 1993

Translucent cover; Includes special cover; 1st appearance Cyborg Superman; 1st appearance Superboy (clone); 1st appearance Eradicator (as Superman); 1st appearance Steel; 6/93 [s]1993-11; 8 additional story pages; Trading card; Begins return from dead

Life After Death

 Jerry Ordway, Louise Simonson, Roger Stern, Karl Kesel, Dan Jurgens

 Tom Grummett, Dan Jurgens, Jon Bogdanove, Butch Guice

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sandyal $1.50 Sale In original unopened factory wrap - Translucent cover
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kencausey $0.80 Blowout SALE! 20% OFF! Bag opened, includes bag and card. #5544
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Jeffsmoola $1.00 Blowout 89
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kencausey $2.00 Sale SALE! 20% OFF! Sealed in bag. #5543
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CollectorsPairOfDice $2.25  
BigGator $2.25  
jserota $2.25  
second genesis, ltd $2.49 sealed in original white factory bag, never opened
TOYTOWNokc $2.50 1st appearance Eradicator (as Superman); Begins return from dead; 6/93 [s]1993-11, Includes special cover, 8 additional story pages, trading card; Guardian appearance; Gangbuster appearance
bolt_boy $2.95  
jserota $2.95  
Jeffsmoola $3.00 47
dtyler46 $4.95  
Silverdollarcomics $5.00  
fabficbk $6.00  
Comic_Credentials $7.00 sealed in original white factory bag, never opened Translucent cover
Very Fine to Near Mint  
tamih6 $1.75 Sale Legion
bhagley $1.75 Sale  
cyberspacecomics $1.99 Sale  
jabell $2.25  
travisyocum $2.25  
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Ralphd11768 $2.25 Box 40*Translucent cover Box 40*trading card
Ralphd11768 $2.25 Box 20*Translucent cover Box 20*trading card
Ralphd11768 $2.25 Box B*Translucent cover Signed#2224*trading card Box B*trading card
Ralphd11768 $2.25 Box 12*Translucent cover Box 12*trading card
Ralphd11768 $2.25 Box 25*Translucent cover Box 20*trading card
Ralphd11768 $2.25 Box 7*Translucent cover Box 20*trading card
petevicaire $2.75 white bag
ZanaduComics $3.50  
fansmash $3.50  
markm $5.00 1st appearance Eradicator (as Superman), Begins return from dead, 6/93 [s]1993-11, Includes special cover, 8 additional story pages, trading card
DigitalHeroes $7.00  
Very Fine  
Jim and Dan Comics $1.00 Sale  
CapCoComics $1.50 White cover never opened, but has big black X on it.
outpost_comics $1.50 [s]1993-11 1st appearance Eradicator (as Superman)—cameo 1st appearance Steel (cameo) 1st appearance Superboy (clone)—cameo 1st appearance Cyborg Superman (cameo) Begins return from dead. Removed from plastic (white) bag.
pbickford $1.75  
CapCoComics $0.75 No translucent cover or card, VF/NM condition
Brent Frankenhoff $0.75 Sealed in polybag
second genesis, ltd $0.99 out of factory bag, no trading card, comic is VF/NM
Very Good  
Brent Frankenhoff $0.50 No polybag or trading card