Millennium Edition: Adventure Comics #61

DC     December, 2000

1st Appearance of Starman I (Ted Knight)

Starman; Mark Lansing of Mikishawm; Facts; Federal Men; Steve Conrad, Adventurer; Peter and His Pup; The Quiz Page; Hourman; Paul Kirk, Manhunter; Cotton Carver, Defender of Barlunda; Case of the Black Cat; The Sandman

 Ed Moore, Gardner Fox, Henry Boltinoff, Howard Purcell, Jack Lehti, Jerry Siegel, Ken Fitch, Ray McGirk, T.C. O’Neil

 Bernard Baily, Chad Grothkopf, Creig Flessel, Ed Moore, Henry Boltinoff, Howard Purcell, Jack Burnley, Jack Lehti, Ray McGirk, T.C. O’Neil

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