Showcase Presents Superman #1


Collects Action Comics #241Ė257, Superman (1st Series) #122Ė134; ca. 2005

The Super-Key to Fort Superman; The Secret of the Space Souvenirs; Superman in the White House; The Super-Sergeant; The Super-Duel in Space; The Girl of Steel; The Lady and the Lion; The Super-Sword; Mrs. Superman; The Steeplejack of Steel; The Super-Merman of the Sea; The Shrinking Superman; Lois Laneís Super-Dream; Clark Kentís College Days; Supermanís New Power; Krypton on Earth; The Return of Supermanís Lost Parents; Supermanís Hunt for Clark Kent; The Spell of the Shandu Clock; The Two Faces of Superman; The Man No Prison Could Hold; When There Was No Clark Kent; The Make-Believe Superman; Titano the Super-Ape!; The Kryptonite Man!; The Eye of Metropolis; Superman vs. the Futuremen; The Sleeping Beauty From Krypton; The Oldest Man in Metropolis; The Ghost of Lois Lane; Clark Kent, Fireman of Steel!; The Girl in Supermanís Past!; The Menace of Metallo!; The Supergirl From Krypton!; The War Between Superman and Jimmy Olsen; The Curse of Kryptonite!; The Super-Servant of Crime!; The Town That Hated Superman!; The Battle With Bizarro; The Menace of Mr. Mxyzptlk; Supermanís Future Wife; The Unknown Super-Deeds; The Bride of Bizarro; The Superman of the Future; Supermanís Other Life; The Reporter of Steel!; The Super-Luck of Badge 77; How Perry White Hired Clark Kent; Superman Joins the Army!

 Jerry Coleman, Otto Binder, Bill Finger, Robert Bernstein, Jerry Siegel, Alvin Schwartz

 Wayne Boring, Kurt Schaffenberger, Al Plastino, Curt Swan, Dick Sprang

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