Cracked #344

Globe     June, 2000

Malcontents in the Middle; Life in the Year 1900 vs. Life in the Year 2000; Marshmallow Law; A Handy Guide to Hands; UFO; Shut-Ups!; Recreational Sports for the Undead; God-Hilla!; Peek@You! I See You; Designer Pots; Stewed a Little; Indoor Adventures; When the Post Office Starts Selling Really Popular Stamps; Teen Magazines Through the Ages; Let’s Make Books More Like Websites; Spoof Daddy!

 Andy Simmons, Barry Dutter, Greg Grabianski, Kent Kennedy, Dick Kulpa, Joe O’Brien, Cliff Mott, Tom Richmond, Mike Morse, Lou Silverstone, Ron Barrett, Gunnar Johnson, Bobbie Bender, Tom Milutinovic

 Frank Cummings, Walter Brogan, John Severin, Kent Kennedy, Dick Kulpa, Don Orehek, Cliff Mott, Tom Richmond, Rurik Tyler, Ron Barrett, Gunnar Johnson, Tom Milutinovic

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