Double-Dare Adventures #1

Harvey     December, 1966

Reprints from Black Cat Mystic #60; 1st appearance of Bee-Man (Barry E. Eames); 1st appearance of Glowing Gladiator (Harry Baker); 1st appearance of Magicmaster (Shamarah); Origin of Glowing Gladiator (Harry Baker); Origin of Bee-Man (Barry E. Eames); Origin of Magicmaster (Shamarah); 62

The Origin of Bee-Man; The Bee Line (text); The Legend of the Glowing Gladiator; The Has-Been; The Ant Extract; The Secret of Magicmaster

 Jim Steranko, Joe Simon, Jack Kirby

 Bill Draut, Bob Powell, Jim Steranko, Doug Wildey, Jack Kirby, Jack Sparling

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