Superman Secret Files and Origins #1

DC     January, 1998

Origin of Superman; Background material

Who Is…Superman?; The Many Lives of Jimmy Olsen; Daily Planet; Whitty Banter’s Super 8 List; National Whisper; Superman’s Fortress; Honeymoon; What Happened During Lois & Clark’s Honeymoon?; Superman Timeline: Chronology of Events; Ace O’Clubs Menu

 Dan Jurgens, Karl Kesel, Kevin Dooley, Scott Beatty, Stuart Immonen, Whitty Banter

 Dan Jurgens, Georges Jeanty, Jon Bogdanove, Kieron Dwyer, Peter Krause, Scot Eaton, Steve Lieber, Stuart Immonen, Tom Grummett, Todd Nauck, Ron Frenz

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