Mad #438

E.C.     February, 2004

Guest artists special; “Superheroes” by Bruce Timm

Random Samplings of Reader Mail; The Fundalini Pages; Fools of Rock; MAD’s Handy Glossary to the War on Terror; Monroe and… Survivor Jr.; 2003: The Year in Film; A MAD Look at the Super Bowl; Spy vs. Spy; The Mourn Identity; The League of Rejected Superheroes; MAD’s Celebrity Colonoscopies; An Open Letter from Michael Jackson; The Dos and Don’ts of a Super Bowl Party; Absurd, Their Enthusiasm; If Norman Rockwell Depicted the 21st Century; Now Playing at the California Statehouse: Arnold Schwarznegger, Governor; Drawn Out Dramas

 The Usual Gang of Idiots

 The Usual Gang of Idiots, Sergio Aragonés, Frank Miller, J. Scott Campbell, John Byrne, John Romita Jr., Dave Gibbons, Mike Allred, Arthur Adams, Jim Lee

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