The Superman Family #203

DC     October, 1980

Tamsyn O’Flynn L.O.C.; Alan Giroux L.O.C.

The Supergirl from Planet Earth!; Mr. and Mrs. Superman: The Critic Killer!; Private Life of Clark Kent: The Woman with Omnivision!; Lois Lane: Lost!; Jimmy Olsen: The Reporter Who Cried Wolf!

 Jack C. Harris, E. Nelson Bridwell, Bob Rozakis, Marv Wolfman

 Win Mortimer, George Tuska, Jimmy Janes, Bob Oksner, Alex Saviuk

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Very Fine  
bolt_boy $4.00 Sale 1st Appearance of Lana Lang 1st Appearance of Lana Lang (Earth 2) Supergirl story Mr. and Mrs Superman story The Private Life of Clark Kent story Lois Lane story Jimmy Olsen story
donner5 $4.00 FN-
Very Good  
roberts-comics-cards $1.19 Sale 1st Appearance of Lana Lang (Earth 2)