DC Special #16

DC     March, 1975

Reprints from Detective Comics #339, Wonder Woman #170, The Flash (1st Series) #127, Superman (1st Series) #138

Batman Battles the Living Beast-Bomb!; Wonder Woman - Gorilla!; The Reign of the Super-Gorilla!; Titano the Super-Ape!

 Gardner Fox, John Broome, Otto Binder, Robert Kanigher, E. Nelson Bridwell

 Carmine Infantino, Joe Giella, Mike Esposito, Ross Andru, Wayne Boring

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5 copies from $3.75 to $17.15

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stuk55 $17.15  
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outpost_comics $6.50 Spring 1975 Detective Comics #339 Wonder Woman #170 The Flash (1st Series) #127 Super-Heroes Battle Super-Gorillas
Very Good  
Jeffsmoola $3.75 STD
donner5 $6.50 Batman and Robin: Detective Comics #339 Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #170 Flash II (Barry Allen): The Flash (1st Series) #127 Superman: Superman (1st Series) #138 Super-Heroes Battle Super-Gorillas Spring 1975