Masters of Terror #2

Curtis     September, 1975

The Invisible Man reprinted from Supernatural Thrillers #2; The Man Who Cried Werewolf reprinted from Monsters Unleashed #1; Dig Me No Grave reprinted from Journey Into Mystery (2nd Series) #1; The Music of Erich Zann reprinted from Chamber of Darkness #5, retitled from The Music From Beyond; Pickmanís Model reprinted from Tower of Shadows #9; The Roaches reprinted from Monsters Unleashed #2

The Invisible Man; The Man Who Cried Werewolf; Dig Me No Grave; The Music of Erich Zann; Pickmanís Model; The Roaches

 Ron Goulart, Gerry Conway, Roy Thomas

 Val Mayerik, Dan Adkins, Pablo Marcos, Gil Kane, Tom Palmer, Johnny Craig, Ralph Reese

No copies

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