Showcase Presents: Superman Family #1


Collects stories from Supermanís Pal Jimmy Olsen #1Ė22, Showcase #9, and Superman #28; ca. 2006

The Boy of 100 Faces; Case of the Lumberjack Jinx; The Man of Steelís Substitute; The Flying Jimmy Olsen; The Hide and Seek Mystery; Jimmy Olsen, Supermanís Ex-Pal; The Boy Millionaire; The Fastest Gun in the West; The Man Who Collected Excitement; The Disappearance of Superman; The Hunted Messenger; King for a Day; The Boy Olympics; The Brain of Steel; The Story of Supermanís Souvenirs; The King of Magic; Jockey Olsen Rides Star Flash; 100 Pieces of Kryptonite; The Amazing Mirages; The Scoop of 1869; The King of Marbles; The Betrayal of Superman; Superboy For a Day; Jimmy Olsen, Crooner; Jimmy Olsen, Cub Inventor; The Million-Dollar Question; The Missile of Steel; Jimmy Olsenís Martian Pal; Jimmy Olsenís Forgotten Adventure; Jungle Jimmy Olsen; Supermanís Seeing-Eye Dog; Jimmy Olsen, Clark Kentís Pal; T.N.T. Olsen, the Champ; Jimmy Olsen, Prince of Clowns; The Secret of Dinosaur Island; The Invisible Jimmy Olsen; The Six Jimmy Olsens; The Stolen Superman Signal; Jimmy Olsenís Super Illusions; The Feats of Chief Super-Duper; The Meek Jimmy Olsen; The Boy Superman; The Mystery of the Canine Champ; Jimmy Olsen, Speed Demon; Unwanted Superman Souvenirs; The Three Lives of Jimmy Olsen; The Boy of Steel; The Super-Liar of Metropolis; Jimmy Olsen in the 50th Century; The Case of the Cartoon Scoops; The Radioactive Boy; The Super Safari; The Riddle Reporter; Superbaby, Jimmy Olsenís Pal; The Two Jimmy Olsens; The Human Geiger Counter; Supermanís Kid Brother; Jimmy Olsenís Super-Pet; The Trial of Jimmy Olsen; The Merman of Metropolis; The Legend of Greenbeard Olsen; Wonder Lad; The Wedding of Jimmy Olsen; The Girl in Supermanís Past; The New Lois Lane; Mrs. Superman; The Mystery of the Millionaire Hoboes; The Super-Hallucinations; The Super-Brain of Jimmy Olsen; Lois Lane, Girl Reporter

 Otto Binder, Don Cameron, Jerry Coleman

 Curt Swan, Ray Burnley, Ed Dobrotka, Stan Kaye, Ruben Moreira

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