Fawcett Companion: The Best of FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America) Book #1

TwoMorrows     September, 2001

Edited by P.C. Hamerlinck; Forword by Marc Swayze

Foreword; Introduction; Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang (1996); The Fawcetts Could Do It As Well, Or Better, Than Anybody (1997); The World’s Mightiest Waste of Time and Money (1981); Comics Is A Funny Business (1946); What’s Behind The Comic Cover? (1940s); How The Comics Are Made (1942); Fawcett Writing Rules (1942); The Human Quality Of The Captain Marvel Characters (1983); Mary Marvel (1983); Those Darned Armbands and Cape Loops (1983); One of the Most Real Characters Ever To Appers (1998); Master Man (1978); My Favorite Little Monster (1981); Captain Marvel & The Atomic War (1996); The Marvel Family Feud (1980); Captain Marvel’s Well Known Comics (1975); Captain Marvel Thrill Book (1977); Fawcett’s Dime Action Books (1976); The Captain Marvel Daily Newspaper Strip (1980); The Smithsonian Book Of Comic-Book Comics (1982); Fawcett Comics’ Greatest Hits (1982); Rod Reed-I Was Proud (1974); I Chose To Be A Genius (1980); Otto Binder- We Were More Or Less Inspired (1974); Virginia A. (Ginny) Provisiero- Fond Memories (1998); Kurt Schaffenberger-I Admire Craftmanship (1980); Marcus D. Swayze-Southern Gentleman (1978); He’s My Man By Mrs. Marc Swayze (1997); I Survived-Fawcett Artist Ed Robbins (1977); A Lushness of Line- Bob Powell And Fawcett (1991); King of the Roost-Fawcett writer Joe Millard (1975); Remembering Fawcett by George Evans (1996); Easy Money-Fawcett Writer Manly Wade Wellman (1976); Captain Lieberson (1952); Visual Expression-Will Lieberson (1975); Legends Meet-C.C. Beck chats with Will Eisner (1983); Al Allard-The Business Has Changed (1982); I Never Read Them-Fawcett Artist Pete Costanza (1982); C.C. Beck Interviews Pete Costanza (1980); I Wanted To Draw Comics-Fawcett Artist Robert Laughlin (1984); Ralph Daigh-Comics Opened The Doors (1981); The Ashcan Whiz (1981); Carl Pfeur-An Original (1987); The Legacy of Mac Raboy (1981); Chad Grothkopf-I Believed In What I Did (1991); Bill Parker (1980); John Jordan (1980); Dave Berg (1980); John Putnam (1980); It Helped Pay The Mortgage:-Artist Edd Ashe (1986); Wandell Crowley (1980); Chic Stone (1997); Bill Ward (1996); Jack Binder (1986); Eric Jon Messmann (1986); I Felt It Would Be Impinging-Shazam! Artist Bob Oksner (1996); They Still Call Him Junior; Frank Coghlan Jr. (1996); Captain Marvel’s Leading Lady-Louise Currie (1996); A Hero To Look Up To-Actor Jackson Bostwick (1996); C.C Meets The Captain (1980); My Dad’s The New Captain Marvel-John Davey (1998); Elders Fleet, Strong And Wise-Michael Gray (1996); C.C. Beck 1910-89 (1989); The World’s Mightiest Opinions (1996); I’ll Never Forget C. C. Beck (1979); We Just Called Him :Beck (1990); Comin Book Are For Kids (1974); We Were Considered A Bunch Of Idiots (1974); Were Fawcett Comics Art? (1981); What Really Killed The Golden Age (1983); FCA Gallery; Fawcett Comics Index

 Marcus D. Swayze, P.C. Hamerlinck, Ken Hagg, Dean S. Potter, C.C. Beck, Will Lieberson, John G. Pierce, Bernie McCarty, Robert Arthur, Dan Fabrizio, Klaus D. Haisch, Matt Lage, Mrs. Marc Swayze, Ed Lane, George Evans, Bill Harper, Henry Yeo, Mrs. Helen Pfeufer Sheehan, Jayson Disbrow, Jim Scancarelli, Dick Hanser, Ed Robbins, Dave Berg, John Putnam, Chic Stone

 C.C. Beck, Marc Swayze, Dave Manak, Jerry Ordway, Mac Raboy, P.C. Hamerlinck, Harry Fisk, Jose Luis Salinas, Kurt Schaffenberger, Ed Robbins, Bob Powell, George Evans, Will Eisner, Pete Costanza, Robert Laughlin, Carl Pfeufer, John Jordan, Chad Grothkopf, Edd Ashe, Chic Stone, Bill Ward, Jack Binder, Leonard Frank, Bob Oksner, Don Newton, A.J. Hanley, Ken Bald, Alex Toth, Tony Santangelo, Trina Robbins, Peter Krause, Alex Ross, Steve Rude, Sheldon Moldoff

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