Spider-Man Collectible Series #1

News America Marketing     August 20, 2006

Reprints from Amazing Fantasy #15; 1st appearance of Peter Parker; 1st appearance of Uncle Ben Parker; 1st appearance of Aunt May Parker; 1st appearance of Crusher Hogan; 1st appearance of Spider-Man; Origin of Spider-Man; 12 pages; Sunday newspaper giveaway


 Stan Lee, Steve Ditko

 Steve Ditko

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Very Fine  
United States comicgranpop $2.00 Reprints Amazing Fantasy #15 (1st story only) with redone cover (black border), new ads and ’’not for resale’’ on cover Reprints Amazing Fantasy #15 for newspapers, new advertising inside Reprints from Amazing Fantasy #15 (1st story only) with redone cover (black border) 1st appearance of Ben Parker 1st appearance of May Parker Peter Parker appearance Uncle Ben Parker appearance Aunt May Parker appearance Crusher Hogan appearance Giveaway with New York Post 8/15/2006 Sunday newspaper give-away New York Post 8/15/2006 Giveaway Spider-Man appearance