Avenging World by Ditko Book #1

Robin Snyder and Steve Ditko     August, 2002

The Avenging World; We’re All Gray! There are No Extremes, No Black, No White (or Both Are Bad, Evil); The Deadly Alien; At Some Point; The Blabber Mouth versus 1st Hand Experience; Wrong Policies; H Series: The Screamer; Tools of The Trade; The Spoilers: The Litterer; Who Owns Original Art?; Speak For Yourself And Not For Reality; An Insider’s Part Of Comic History: Jack Kirby’s Spider-Man; Premise to Consequence; The ’Stolen Art Page’ Problem and the Error of Non-Principled Thinking; Tsk! Tsk!: Whatever happened to Common Sense?; H Series; Heads; Tsk! Tsk! #2: Why Do Some People Seek The Uneanred…; The Sore Spot Cause and Crusade; Social Justice; Creator’s Rights & Wrongs; Tsk! Tsk!: !?!?!?!?; The Captive Spark; My Brother; Tsk! Tsk!: Examining a ’Creator’/’Creation’ Claim; Most Comic Industry People’s Continuing Indifference to Real Issues; Liberty or Death: Libage vs. Chain; ART!?; Tsk! Tsk!: The Graffiti Artist; Laszlo’s Hammer; J Series: A View of Justice; In Principle: The Unchecked Premise; Mr. A: Violence, the Phoney Issue; Safest Place… cover; The Safest Place in the World; Split Man Theme

 Steve Ditko

 Steve Ditko

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