Super Frat: Rush Week Collection #1

Silent Devil

B&W; ca. 2006

No Turd Unturned; Revenge of the Turd; The Unclushable Mr. Turd; The Turd is the Word; To Everything, Turd, Turd Turd; Something From Heaven; Dean Target; The Answer My Friends…; Friendly Fire; Plausible Deniability; Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That; Translate This; Backdoor Shenaigans; And He Had to Beg for That; With Great Power Come Great Trash Talk; The Obvious Choice; Emergency Meeting; A Call to Arms; You’ve Got the Look; There is no “Fuck You” Team; Lost in College Town; Town Ordinance #21; No Chains Can Hold; Stomped Dick; Dick Enraged; Adolfa & Eva; The Hitlerstein Twins; Victory Kegger; South Padre or Bust; With Great Power Comes Great Doodies; Dick Hurls; Goth Sucks; Now That’s Team Spirit; He’ Psychic; Because He’s 22 Years Old; Who’s The Tony?; Da Boss is Da Boss; The Ultimate Fake I.D.; That’s One Way to Get in

 Tony DiGerolamo

 Chris Moreno

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