Alter Ego (TwoMorrows) #65

TwoMorrows     February, 2007

Nick Cardy Issue

Writer/Editorial: The Best of Times… The Worst of Times; When You Do A Lot of Super-Heroes, All You’re Drawing Is Men In Long Underwear; The Siegal & Shuster Deal At 30; The Best Will In The World; Hollywood Comes To Hollywood; Comic Crypt: Ooooh… That’s Cheesy!; Comic Fandom Archive: Monsters & Heroes At His Beck And Call; Tributes To Ernie Schroeder, Dave Cockrum, Mart Nodell, & Andy Warner; FCA (Fawcett Collectors Of America) #124; We Didn’t Know It Was The Golden Age!; Robert Bob Laughlin (1925-2006); Emilio Squelio Adventures-, Part 2

 Roy Thomas, Jim Amash, Marc Swayze, Michael T Gilbert, Murray Bishoff, Allen Bellman, Bill Schelly, Carole Seuling, Rich Rubenfeld, John Benson, Larry Ivie, Allan Asherman, Tom Weaver, Herb Rogoff, Mark Evanier, Clifford Meth, Mark Burbey, William Harper

 Nick Cardy, Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson, Neal Adams, Mike Sekowsky, Irv Novick, Lee Elias, Gil Kane, Wayne Boring, George Tuska, Joe Shuster, Paul Reinman, Dick Giordano, Carmine Infantino, Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Michael T. Gilbert, Frank Frazetta, Ernie Schroeder, Dave Cockrum, Martin Nodell, Andy Warner, Mike Esposito, Ross Andru, John Stanley, Joe Kubert, Sam Kweskin, C.C. Beck, Bob Laughlin, Burne Hogarth, Emilio Squeglio

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