Kolchak The Night Stalker Casebook #1

Moonstone     February, 2007

Painted cover; Trade paperback, 336 pages; Collection of 17 new short stories with spot illustrations and creator bios

Introduction: The One True Carl (text); Power Hungry (text story); Stealing Fire (text story); Bones of the Past (text story); The Strange Events at Vishnu Springs (text story); The Day of Her Return (text story); They Came from the Dark Ride (text story); Fish Story (text story); Digger (text story); Blues, Sex and Bad, Hot Mojo (text story); Broken Willow (text story); Alternate Endings (text story); And (text story); Brief Encounter (text story); Pirate’s Blood (text story); Until Tomorrow (text story); Call Me Sam (text story); Cancellation (text story)

 P.N. Elrod, Rachel Caine, Richard Dean Starr, John Everson, Tom DeFalco, Elizabeth Massie, Mike Baron, Christopher Golden, Rick Hautala, Gary Phillips, John Ostrander, Dave Ulanski, Pierce Askegren, James Reasoner, Joe Gentile, Robert J. Randisi, Mark Dawidziak

 Ken W. Wolak, Dave Aikins, Bill Halliar, Dave Ulanski, Courtney Skinner, Ron Harris, Tom Floyd, Chris Burnham

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