The Blue Beetle Companion: His Many Lives from 1939 to Today #1

TwoMorrows     March 6, 2007

Reprints Mystery Men Comics #1; Reprints Blue Beetle comic strip: Jan. 8; 1st appearance of Blue Beetle; 1st appearance of Dan Garret; 20; 1940-Jan. 30; Introduction by Tom De Haven; 128 pages; Includes radio show script from May 15; 1940 episode; Golden Age appearances checklist; Silver Age checklist; B&W

The Golden Age: 1939-1950; The Dope Peddlers, Part 1; The Blue Beetle Radio Show Episode Guide (text); The Golden Age Blue Beetle Appearances (text); The Silver Age: 1954-1983; The Silver Age Blue Beetle Issue Guide (text); The Modern Age: 1986-Today

 Chris Irving

 Charles Nicholas, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Mike Zeck

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