Batman: The Dailies Book #1 Hardcover - 2nd printing

DC     December, 1991

Reprints strips from 1943-1946

Batman: The Dailies Volume I, 1943-1944; A History of the 1940s Batman Newspaper Strip, Part 1 (text); Introduction; Chapter I: What a Sweet Racket; Chapter II: The Phantom Terrorist; Chapter III: The Joker’s Symbol Crime; Chapter IV: The Secret of Triangle Farm; Chapter V: The Missing Heir Dilemma; Batman: The Dailies Volume II, 1944-1945; A Preference for Newspaper Strips (text); Chapter VI: The Two-Bit Dictator of Twin Mills; Chapter VII: Bliss House Ain’t the Same; Chapter VIII: The Karen Drew Mystery; Chapter IX: Their Toughest Assignment; Chapter X: The Warning Lamp!; Batman: The Dailies Volume III, 1945-1946; Chapter XI: An Affair of Death; Chapter XII: A Change of Costume; Chapter XII: The News That Makes the News; Chapter XIV: Ten Days to Live!; Chapter XV: Acquited by Iceberg; Chapter XVI: Deadly Professor Radium

 Joe Desris, Bill Finger, Don Cameron, Alvin Schwartz, Jack Schiff

 Bob Kane, Jack Burnley, Dick Sprang

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