The Complete Normalman #1

Image     July, 2007

Collects from Cerebus #56 and #57, A-V in 3-D #1 and Journey #13; Collects Normalman #1–12, Normalman3-D Annual #1, Normalman—The Novel, Epic Lite #1, Normalman Megatron Special #1 and Normalman 20th Anniversary Special #1

Something Like an Origin; The Man Called normalman; Let’s Get normal, Man, The Panties and Capes Syndrome; … And One Shall SLAY Him!; The Pope of Pain; Crisis On Earth-Twinkey; normal Times; Crisis? WHAT Crisis?!; normalman, P.I.; Who Killed Sgt. Fluffy THIA Time?; Misery In Space; normalman Has Gaul; Captain Everything Goes to the Collector’s Con; normalman For President; The Prez’s Old Clothes; Love Stinks; There’s No Place Like Home; normalman Goes Hollywood; Deni Sim presents… normalman; Lest No Bridge Be Unburned; normalman-Captain Everything; Captain Everything—Superstar; The Covers; The Back Covers; Other Stuff

 Jim Valentino, William Messner-Loebs, Donald Simpson, Bob Burden, Larry Marder

 Jim Valentino, William Messner-Loebs, Donald Simpson, Larry Marder, Bob Burden, Dave Sim, Murphy Anderson, George Pérez, Brad W. Foster, Steve Lafler

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