Wizard: The Comics Magazine #190 Variation B

Wizard     August, 2007

Hellboy cover; Polybagged; 134 pages

DCís Biggest Secret; Skrull or No Skrull; Wonder Women; The Wizard Q+A: Michael Bay; The Toxic Avenger; No Limits; Hulk World Order; The Thunder Rolls; Nicolas Cage Q+A; Seven Days of Night; Up Close: Jason Aaron; The 50 Greatest Deaths in Comics History!; Up Close: Harry Potter; The Wizard Retrospective: Mike Mignola; Up Close: Jeff Katz; Watchmen

 Jeffrey Brown, Rickey Purdin, Ben Morse, Mike Cotton, Michael Bay, Brian Warmoth, Dwayne McDuffie, Jeremy Brown, Kiel Phegley, Nicolas Cage, Weston Cage, Chris Ryall, Jason Aaron, Jake Rossen, David Yates, Andy Serwin, Mike Mignola, Jeff Katz, Damon Lindelof, Brian K. Vaughan, David Goyer, Ed Brubaker

 Jeffrey Brown, Scot Eaton

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