Judge Dredd Megazine (Vol. 4) #261

Fleetway Quality, 21-Aug-2007

Judge Dredd: Night School; Interrogation of Carl Critchlow; A History of Horror Comics, Part 2; Grand Guignol in the UK; Anderson PSI Division: Big Robots, Part 4; The Second British Invasion; Judge Dredd: Blood Satanus III The Tenth Circle; Hungry Jacko; A World Without Deadlines; Freak Show: The Quiet Man; The God Fish; Summer Shivers; The Angel Gang: Before They Wuz Dead, Part 3

 John Wagner, Matthew Badham, Edward Berridge, Alan Grant, Michael Molcher, Pat Mills, David Ballie, Robert Curley, Mike Collins, Alec Worley, Simon Spurrier

 Peter Doherty, David Taylor, Hicklenton, Declan Shalvey, Chris Weston, Steve Roberts

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