Avengers United #67

Marvel UK     June 28, 2006

Cardstock cover; Reprints Avengers #167; Reprints Journey into Mystery (1st Series) #109; Reprints Avengers (vol. 3) #81-82; 1st appearance of Invaders (new line-up); 1st appearance of Michael (aka Korvac); 1st appearance of Carina Walters; Collects Reprints Avengers (vol. 3) #81-82; And Journey into Mystery (1st Series) #109; Funeral for Jack of Hearts; Includes 1 page recap; Redone cover of #81; 72 pages

Lionheart of Avalon, Part 5 (22); Once an Invader…, Part 1 (22); Tomorrow Dies Today! (17); Tales of Asgard: Banished from Asgard! (5)

 Chuck Austen, Jim Shooter, Roger Stern, Stan Lee

 Olivier Coipel, Scott Kolins, George Pérez, Jack Kirby

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