Dark Horrors #2


B&W; ca. 2007

The Last Job; Jeopardy in a Time-Lost Land!; Scottish Pride; Farewells; Blood Stain; Identity; In the Head Please!; Love Sprouts; Ticking Away; The Prize Catch; The Dark Side of Theo Wunderlich; Blood Harvest; Whale Song; Ghost Train

 Gerrin Tramis, Ed Quinby, Phil McClorey, Jason Whiton, Bart A. Thompson, Dan Fleming, Michelle Everaert, Miguel Angel Caceres, Dave Collins, Scott O. Brown, Egg Embry, Robert Tinnell, Robert J. Parizek, Jonathan Baylis

 Russel Roehling, Ed Quinby, Johnny Whaam, Jason Hanks, Ezequiel Pineda, Nicolas Colacitti, Kelly Everaert, Miguel Angel Caceres, Grant Lawley, Lalia, Paul Tucker, Orlando Baez, Craig Shepard, Chris Kohler, David Beyer Jr.

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