Fantastic Comics (Image) #24

Image     January, 2008

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Samson; Flip Falcon in the Fourth Dimension; The Golden Knight: Circle of Power; Yank Wilson, Superspy Q-4; Carlton Riggs and the Flaming Cavern (text); Space Smith: Com in, Space Smith, Do You Copy?; Captain Kidd: Explorer; Professor Fiend; Yank Wilson: Supersky Q-4; Sub Saunders in Verga Ngenheit; Come in Space Smith, Do You Copy?; Stardust: The Super Wizard; Saunders: Verga Ngenheit

 Erik Larsen, Tom Yeates, Andy Kuhn, Tom Scioli, Jim Rugg, Boris Hembeck, Fletcher Hanks, Joe Casey, Bryan Rutherford, B.C. Moore, Joe Keatinge

 Erik Larsen, Tom Yeates, Andy Kuhn, Tom Scioli, Brian Maruca, Boris Hembeck, Fletcher Hanks, Bill Sienkiewicz, Mike Allred

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