Savage Sword of Conan (Dark Horse) #2

Dark Horse     March, 2008

Collects Savage Sword of Conan #1124

The Abode of the Damned; The Haunters of Castle Crimson; The Gods of Bal-Sagoth, Part 1; The Thing in the Temple; Shadows of Zamboula; The Devil in Iron; The People of the Black Circle, Part 1; On to Yimsha; The Battle of the Towers; Vengeance in Vendhya; The Slithering Shadow; Horror from the Red Tower; The Pool of the Black One, Part 1; Torrent of Doom; The Tower of the Elephant

 Robert E. Howard, Roy Thomas

 John Buscema, Gil Kane, Tim Conrad, Mike Zeck, Mike Nasser, Ken Barr, Boris Vallejo, Richard Hescox, Earl Norem, Ernie Chan, Ernie Chau, Dan Adkins, Kenneth Morris, Val Mayerik

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