Wizard: The Comics Magazine #199 Variation A

Wizard     May, 2008

Iron Man movie cover; Peter David interview; Greg Rucka interview; Ed Brubaker interview; Robert Downey Jr. interview; Leinil Francis Yu interview; Brian Michael Bendis interview; Tim Roth interview; Peter Tomasi interview; Excerpt from Kirby, King of Comics; Ron Perlman interview; Judd Winick interview; Jimmy Palmiotti interview; James Robinson interview

Gotham Central: Our Final Story; Ed McGuinness: My Favorite Covers; The Wizard Q+A: Robert Downey Jr.; A Guide to Marvelís Manhattan; Secret Invaders; Upclose: Bryan Hitch; The Wizard Q+A: Tim Roth; Speed Racer: Mach 5; Upclose: Peter Tomasi; Kirby, King of Comics; Hell Raiser; Hidden Gems; Blood Bath; Upclose: Judd Winick

 Kiel Phegley, Peter David, Danny Spiegel, Greg Rucka, Ed Brubaker, Justin Aclin, Ed McGuinness, Robert Downey Jr., Jake Rossen, Leinil Francis Yu, Brian Michael Bendis, Kevin Mahadeo, Bryan Hitch, Tim Roth, Ari Rubin, Jeremy Brown, Peter J. Tomasi, Mark Evanier, Ron Perlman, Brian Cunningham, T.J. Dietsch, Mike Cotton, Andy Serwin, Bob Layton, Aaron Vetch, Judd Winick, Jimmy Palmiotti, James Robinson

 Paul Horn, Leinil Francis Yu, Jack Kirby, Bob Layton

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