80 Page Giant Magazine #8

DC     March, 1965

Origin of The Justice League; Origin Of The Atom; Origin Of Aquaman; Origin of Flash mask; Secret Origins; Robin; JLA: Justice League of America #9; The Atom: Showcase #34; Aquaman: Adventure Comics #260; Batman and Robin: Batman #129; Flash II (Barry Allen): The Flash (1st Series) #128; Superman: Superman (1st Series) #146

The Origin Of The Justice League; Birth Of An Atom; How Aquaman Got His Powers!; The Man From Robinís Past; The Origin Of The Flashís Masked Identity; The Story Of Supermanís Life!

 Gardner Fox, Robert Bernstein, Bill Finger, John Broome, Otto Binder

 Mike Sekowsky, Gil Kane, Ramona Fradon, Sheldon Moldoff, Carmine Infantino, Al Plastino

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