Batman Unauthorized #1

BenBella     February, 2008

Trade paperback; 291 pages

Introduction; Keeping It Real in Gotham; Two of a Kind; Frank Millerís Batman and the Grotesque; Holy Signifier, Batman!; The Cost of Batman; Raís al Ghul: Father Figure as Terrorist; The Dubious Origins of the Batman; Why Doesnít Bruce Wayne Retire Already?!; The Madness of Arkham Asylum; Robin: Innocent Bystander; Batman in Outer Space; Gothamís First Family; Whatís Wrong wth Bruce Wayne?; The Batman We Deserve; To the Batpole!; Heroes of Darkness and Light; Batman in the Real World; Batman, the Failure; Acknowledgments

 Denny OíNeil, Robert Brian Taylor, Lou Anders, Geoff Klock, Nick Mamatas, Darren Hudson Hick, Michael Marano, Alan J. Porter, Chris Roberson, Paul Lytle, Jake Black, Mike W. Barr, Mary Borsellino, Robin S. Rosenberg, Daniel M. Kimmel, Alex Bledsoe, John C. Wright, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, David Seidman

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