Back Issue #30

TwoMorrows     October, 2008

Saturday Morning Heroes Issue; Includes Dave Stevens tribute

Back Seat Driver; Shazam!:DC’s Captain Marvel Revival of the 1970s; Greatest Stories Never Told; The Captain Thunder Sequel That Went Sha-Boom!; Interviews; Jackson Bostwick and John Davey: The World’s Mightiest Mortals; Backstage Pass: Those Super Friends of Mine; Super friends in Comics; Adam Hughes Remembers Dave Stevens; The Art of Dave Stevens; Super Powers: The Unproduced Fourth Wave; Interview; Space Ghost Unmasked: Gary Owen; Spaced Out!: Steve Rude’s Space Ghost; Beyond Capes: Now Comics and the Original Astro Boy; Off My Chest: Marv Wolfman and the Adventures of Superman; Nicola Cuti: Calling Captain Cosmos!; The Secret History of All-American Comics, Inc.; Back Talk

 Michael Eury, P.C. Hamerlinck, Darrell McNeil, Andy Mangels, Adam Hughes, Jason Geyer, Richard A. Scott, Jerry Boyd, Mark Arnold, Marv Wolfman, Bob Rozakis

 Dave Cockrum, C.C. Beck, Bob Oksner, Rich Buckler, Don Newton, Alan Weiss, Alex Saviuk, Ruben Procopio, Alex Toth, Ramona Fradon, Romeo Tanghal, Dave Stevens, Steve Rude, Andy Smith, Ken Steacy, Gil Kane

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