Wizard: The Comics Magazine #209 Variation B

Wizard     March, 2009

Dark Avengers Cover; Jonathan Hickman interview; Kristin Kreuk interview; Joe Hill interview; Michael Davis interview; Denys Cowan interview; Dwayne McDuffie interview; Grant Morrison interview; Dave Gibbons interview; Marv Wolfman interview; Masquerade #1 preview

First Look: New Avengers; 5 Questions with Jonathan Hickman; UpClose: Kristin Kreuk; UpClose: Joe Hill; The Milestone Retrospective; 100 Things We Love About 100 Bullets; UpClose: Grant Morrison; Secret Invasion: Directors’ Commentary; He Watches the ‘Watchmen’; Digital DC; The Astounding Wolfman; Dark Rising; The Wizard Preview: Masquerade #1

 Kevin Mahadeo, Rachel Molino, Jonathan Hickman, Jake Rossen, Kristin Kreuk, Andy Serwin, Joe Hill, Matt Powell, Michael Davis, Denys Cowan, Dwayne McDuffie, Tony Teofilo, Grant Morrison, Brian Michael Bendis, Leinil Francis Yu, Dave Gibbons, Steve Sunu, Marv Wolfman, Phil Hester

 David Lopez, Eduardo Risso, Leinil Francis Yu, Carlos Paul

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