Wizard: The Comics Magazine #214 Variation A

Wizard     August, 2009

Wizard Tech Special; Spider-Man cover; Spider-Man #600 Celebration; Lynda Carter interview; Seth Meyers interview; Bill Hader interview; Sienna Miller interview; Channing Tatum interview; Rachel Nichols interview; Marlon Wayans interview; Kate Beckinsale interview; Frank Cho interview

5 Questions with Lynda Carter; Web Gems: Spider-Man Hidden Gems; The Wizard Q&A: Seth Meyers & Bill Hader; Brand New Heyday: The Best and Worst of ‘Brand New Day’; The Wizard Q&A: Frank Quitely; Stop Loss!: ‘G. I. Joe and the Rise of Cobra’ Q&As; Wizard Insider: The Viltrumite badass Conquest; UpClose: Kate Beckinsale; The Wizard Profile: James Robinson; The Rocafort Files: Kenneth Rocafort Previews ‘Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer’; Savage Showmen: Top 10 Hulk Creators of All-Time; Webcomics Tech; Out of Ink; Color Scheme; Give Me Liberty

 Eric Powell, Eric Henrickson, Lynda Carter, Blair Marnell, Andy Serwin, Mike Cotton, Jim Gibbons, Kiel Phegley, Danny Spiegel, Bill Hader, Seth Meyers, Frank Quitely, Sienna Miller, Channing Tatum, Rachel Nichols, Marlon Wayans, Kevin Mahadeo, Kate Beckinsale, Jake Rossen, Mel Caylo, Kenneth Rocafort, Steve Sunu, Justin Ponsor, Frank D’Armata, Morry Hollowell, Peter Steigerwald, Doug Meigs, Frank Cho

 Frank Quitely, Kenneth Rocafort, Frank Cho

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