Back Issue #42

TwoMorrows     August, 2010

Wild West Issue; Michael Fleisher interview; Roy Thomas L.O.C.

Michael Fleisher and Jonah Hex; The Failed Comeback Cowboy; Two-Gun Kid: Right Between the Eons; The All-Star Weird Western Heroes of DC Comics; Art Gallery: Jonah Hex; Art Gallery: Mego Western Art; Flashback: Red Wolf; A Night to Remember: The Original Ghost Rider; Charlton 1970s Western Roundup; Rawhide Kid: The Last Gunfight; The Coming of Caleb Hammer; The Savage Future of Timothy Truman’s Scout

 Michael Eury, Michael Browning, Michael Fleisher, Jim Kingman, Jarrod Buttery, John Wells, John Schwirian, Tom Ziuko, Michael Aushenker, Michael Ambrose, Dan Johnson, Ian Millsted, Roger Ash, Roy Thomas

 Tom Mandrake, Tony DeZuniga, Jim Aparo, Steve Erwin, José Luis García-López, Geof Isherwood, Rich Buckler, Russ Heath, George Evans, Dennis Fujitake, Luis Dominguez, Tom Taggart, Ed Hannigan, Gray Morrow, Timothy Truman, John Byrne, Nick Cardy, Tom Yeates, Jack Kirby, Alan Weiss, Dick Ayers, Tony Tallarico

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